What Will Be Your Digital Strategy for 2016???

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Facebook Messenger:

Few weeks back Facebook announces that the  businesses can also install a facebook messenger box on their website to utilize as a live chat option on Website.

Native Advertisement:

It is a form of paid media. Native ads will become the essential part of your digital marketing strategy in 2016. “As some websites already losing upto 40% of their ad revenue because of ad blocking.” 

Automation is important:

Automation Strategy Would Be Widely used by the marketers who wants to find gaps in theirs sales and marketing funnels

Pay Now button:

Functionality to buy directly from a social media is going to be popularly used in 2016 

Social Advertisement:

In 2015 Digital Ad spend will have grown 17.2% and 13.5 % in 2016(source: Interpublic Group’s Magna Global). Social ads will encourage people to do something, not just reviewing the Ads.

Non-responsive website will hamper your SEO visibility:

Mobile user experience is about to become essential to success in search, Mobile would be the king.

Firefox’s new Partnership with Yahoo and Google’s Market share:

Yahoo and Bing will get a boost from yahoo’s partnership with Mozilla. Yahoo and Bing currently hold a combined share of around 30 percent which will likely to increase by 5% to 10%. 


Facebook video views have surpass the Youtube in the last half of the year 2015, so we can predict how influencing the videos would be in 2016  


 Hope you have kept the above points in mind while making you 2016's Marketing  Strategy. 

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