SEO: Too much to know for Future and so much to learn from History!!

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When you are new to SEO, you probably make more mistakes as it is a complicated line of work and experience and various P&C make you perfect with time.
SEO belongs to that sector of Digital Marketing which contains too much to know for future and too much to learn from history.

If you just entered in the sea of SEO this article will really help you as you can relate and figure out your mistakes and rectify them with in real time.

Below are the normal areas where new SEO usually lacking and commit mistakes. 
1) Client is a forever entity:Sometimes we underestimate  the presence of Clients in our business and start ignoring them when they become more demanding. To check he value of the client, start calculating the cost to acquire one. You will realize that spending a little more to retain that client is much cheaper than acquiring a new one.So provide your client an outstanding experience and in return you will get long term revenue and for this what you have to do is to go above and beyond  the call of duty, going extra mile is always rewarded.

2) Sticking with your contractswhen a client is onboard you have set some services for which you get paid under contract. When you board a client you always keep the expectations of the client on a higher note. but is is your job to caters those services, sometimes there are scenarios like, we settles on a number of things initially and later on we realized that we are not getting response from those, so we should increase our expertise to achieve the response, be that things are not laid down in the contract.

3) FocusIt is always easy to rank your page with easy keywords. Even if those pages are not contributing in the growth of the company. Forget the little technical stuff. save that for end.keep a note on the following:- focus on the keywords that generate return.-  Dont waste time on those strategies that do not matter-  Create proper strategy before starting any client and update them with periodic reports.

4) You think you know, what you dont know in actual. SEO is the ever learning field. you can not have enough of this. Nothing is constant in this field, new updates keep it spontaneous.for example: Google uses an algorithm to determine how to rank a page and this algo keeps on changing. Your  SEO efforts to rank your page in 2014 may not waork to rank you page in 2016.
Do you know when the last google changes its algo? if no, than that's what you dont know. 

5) Take help before its too late:
Usually your efforts to boost the rank of the page will result in 6 months. However if you are not noticing any changes in few months at all, it is high time to take assistance. If the page is not moving up than you might doing something wrong. Avoid waiting too long for assistance as the owner of the website is also having check on SERPs and if they are no seeing any results you might be in danger.

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